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What is RPO and who all will get benefits ?

RPO means Recruitment Process Outsourcing. It’s a form of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) where a Company transfer all or part of its Recruitment Process execution to an external service provider. It has many unique features and benefits that help all size of companies to reduce their hiring cost and time. It adds more accountability in recruitment team, align best with company’s current hiring process. RPO’s customized and Scalable model helps company to reduce or increase their focus on recruitment process according to their hiring needs. Companies pay the price only for what part of service they used and optimize cost.

RPO provide best recruitment solutions to new, small and midsize companies. New and small companies don’t have big hiring budgets, recruiting team and tools to keep up with their hiring needs, and to find best employee in the market place. RPO gives great alternatives to those who can’t afford big hiring expense or in house recruiter team. It will be the best solution for small companies and startups to fulfill their hiring needs at a small non-recurring price.

It also helps big corporations to outsource part of their sourcing or any other sub step of recruitment process on per seat basis to achieve predictable outcome at predictable cost, and be able to scale up or down their investment forecasts in to RPO service provider based on demand. Big corporates may also outsource whole hiring process to RPO provider. It will be the best solution for big corporations to fulfill their hiring needs at a small recurring price.

RPO model is a pay per performance model that must work according to predetermined goals and metrics. RPO service provider has more attention on all recruitment service functions than those providing placement or staffing services. RPO service provider works harder, and then smarter to source best talent for their client. As they are focusing on one or more recruitment functions only, that makes them master in recruitment. Recruiters’ cross domain knowledge, sourcing skills and best selection experience help to hire A player who keep team competent and focused to win.

RPO quality, efficiency and alignment helps companies to improve their in house recruiter accountability, hiring quality, and save time so they can focus more on other core HR business functions.

Overall, RPO adds more value, efficiency and alignment in companies’ hiring process. It’s the most valuable function in human capital management.


RPO Benefits

RPO means recruitment process out sourcing. Company’s hire Virtual recruiters In India to do part of you recruitment activities or the full recruitment process or anything in between. Get lots of long and short term benefits that helps organization in so many ways.

  • Structure hiring process
  • Hiring locally around the globe
  • Save cost & time increase ROI
  • Scalable model scale up/down easily
  • Customize hiring solutions as per need
  • No infrastructure or employment cost

How Virtual employee work?

Hire a virtual employee at Ethos. He/she follows all your organization hiring guidelines and work according to your recruitment needs. Virtual assistant is experienced, knowledgeable and expert in sourcing, screening and hiring than an in-house recruiter due to their undivided attention on hiring only. In-house recruiter are more expert in other core business functions of HR which are very important for company. Outsource part of or full recruitment process(or other task) to us.

Virtual assistant benefits

  • A dedicated man power
  • Align with current hiring team
  • Robust diverse hiring skills
  • Improve hiring metrics
  • Increase accountability of team

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