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  1. What is RPO / What can RPO do?
    RPO stand for Recruitment Process Outsourcing, involves the outsourcing of some, all or anything in between of your sourcing and/ or recruitment activities. You hire virtual assistant to do part of or full recruitment job. RPO is a great solution for all size companies. RPO has scalable model that help company to scale up and down easily. The lean structure of RPO reduces cost of hiring. RPO partner can do all kind of job that help company to improve their hiring process.

  2. Which industries can benefit from RPO service?
    All start up and small to medium size company will hire RPO provide or small business who need contract base recruitment service. Company can outsource part of or full recruitment service. Large companies also hire RPO service to augment their staffing team to achieve better efficiency.

  3. What RPO services do you offer?
    We can manage any or all the following recruitment tasks for the clients

    • Job description
    • Recruitment and placement
    • Application response tracking and resume formatting
    • Candidate sourcing programs (web crawling, internal recruitment, employee referrals, networking, social media, etc.)
    • Screening and shortlisting
    • Conducting & scheduling interviews
    • End to end recruitment
    • Psychometric and behavioral assessments
    • Data mining and cleansing
    • HR solutions complementing talent management function


  4. How do your RPO pricing models work?
    Ethos price model vary depending on what companies need. We have three basic options to facilitate your finance preference:

    1. Fixed cost: Engage to fill the given position, charged as fixed $$ or % of annual base package offered to selected candidate, payment due within 90 days of joining date. This is often seen as fees per placement (fixed fee or % of salary) payable on successful placement of selected candidate.
    2. Hire Dedicated resource: Retainer service by providing dedicated recruiter(s), payment due every month, charged as $$ per recruiter per month. This is often seen as Annual management fee, charged monthly, which is tied to the number and experience (cost) of recruiters allocated to your business
    3. Time & Material: Chose our recruiter(s) based on desired expertise and experience for a specific period, and for specific steps(s) in recruitment process (or end to end recruitment). This model may involve portion of upfront pre-payment and it is more suitable to allow your company to scale up or down based on your load. This is charged as $$ per hour.


  5. Do we get a say in which recruiters work on our behalf? Can we interview and select virtual recruiters?
    Yes, you can. Start with an information interview, followed by skills interview with our recruiters. Or go for try and buy process of starting with a free trial – All we need from you is an expression of interest that you value our partnership as we do yours. Next, see our recruiters in action for a week on your real-life assignment and then shortlist to have an interview with our recruiters that you think should work with you. If you don’t feel comfortable then Ethos will replace the recruiter.

  6. Instead of using in-house hiring team, why should I outsource to Ethos Global?
    It improves internal team’s accountability and focus on core aspects of HR/talent management while streamlining commodity functions against predefined KPIs at much lower cost. Ethos follows lean and structured hiring processes that help to reduce your hiring cost and time, improve your hiring quality and help you to fill up open req. fast.

  7. How is Ethos RPO different from Other staffing agencies?
    Ethos RPO would be your business partner who remains accountable for enabling promised value for your business. Unlike staffing agencies holding you accountable for desired results and to manage temporary or contract staff provided by them! RPO firm provide all recruitment related services in their entity and provide a dedicated resource to their client to fulfill their talent acquisition needs. RPO firm take care of all recruiting function and help client to make their hiring process stronger. Staffing agencies provide temporary or contract base staff to fulfill companies’ workforce need.

  8. What are the Advantages of having dedicated recruiters from Ethos Global?
    More structured hiring process, be in position to scale up or down anytime, save cost and time in hiring. Dedicated resource can help to improve overall hiring process.

  9. I like your services, how to proceed further?
    Contact us from our website to request a proposal, email us your requirement/challenge. We will revert asap highlighting how Ethos may help you to enable better business value from recruitment process outsourcing.

  10. Are the Recruiters employees of Ethos Global?
    Yes, they are permanent employees on Ethos payroll.

  11. How to ensure that recruiters will work dedicatedly for our organization only?
    Besides all the reporting, tracking, and management oversights we leverage technology to its best to provide you live video feeds from our India office.

  12. What if recruiter doesn’t suit us?
    We can help you find other recruiter who can understand your requirement and align with your team expectations and structure.

  13. What kind of advantages RPO have?
    To name a few key ones: Structure recruitment process. Positive candidate experience. Best talent acquisition solution that aligns with your business culture, values and market differentiators. Consistency in hiring process. Get lots of long and short term benefits ranging from talent retention to context fitting candidate referrals.

  14. How virtual assistant work and what is the real business value of it?
    You can hire service of Ethos Employee (your virtual employee) who works at India office. He/She follows all your organization hiring guidelines and work as per your KPIs and needs. He/She is more experienced in recruitment and will work more effectively and efficiently. In-house employees are having more knowledge and expertise in core HR center of excellence functions and they are typically overloaded with day to day hiring steps or are at least required to resolve daily ad-hoc issues stemming from less structured hiring process. It’s smarter to use in-house team’s expertise on core functions and outsource the part of hiring or full hiring process to RPO commodity Provider. They understand different industries, values, culture, and market trends to always provide desired one-stop results for your diverse talent needs. Engaging virtual recruiters can help you to fulfill all your hiring needs strategically and efficiently which help to reduce unnecessary workforce turnover. Ethos understand clients’ business values, strategic business goal and mission. Our Managers are having expertise and experience in all industries. We have expert recruiters who has average experience of over 4 years of just doing various functions recruitment process. Stop worrying and start working with Ethos. We will help you to achieve your goal. Our scalable model help increase ROI due to reduce costs and quality hiring.