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About Ethos

Ethos Global Inc. is an effort to create value in talent management domains and related business consulting services. We are based in Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area and have a global business network with affiliate offices in India, UK, GCC, and Africa.

For more than 14 years now, Ethos specializes in talent acquisition, outsourcing, training & consulting. We help our customers source best solutions to their intellectual & resourcing needs for both their on-site / offshore requirements. We offer lean, scalable and highly customized RPO engagement models for our customers.


The Measure

of Who We are is What We do

  • At Ethos, we become a valuable partner instead of temporary solution so we make positive impact on business. We are Head hunters not a cheery picker. So we bring the best candidate to the company.
  • We believe in multiplying assets of the business and decrease liquidity pool. Join hands with us and see how we help you in increasing the return on investment. After all, business expands when efficiency increases and/or cost reduces.
  • Our Recruitment solutions are based on objectives of improving candidate quality, reducing recruitment cycle time and hiring cost, reducing turnover of candidates, providing business intelligence, and ensuring full compliance.
  • In the ever changing world of dynamic industrial environment, we have observed the trends, owing to which we open our eagle’s eyes and create deep insights into business improvements and healthy organizational functions.
  • Being a valuable partner, we understand our client’s vision, mission and business values and create the recruitment solutions that create optimum value for the client in this dynamic business environment.
  • Our all the efforts are focused on helping our clients to create a team that value its business and culture to achieve business-goals with cost-effective and efficient approach.

About Ethos Team

Team Ethos is a pool of well qualified and experienced professionals in their respective areas, which enables them to serve key consulting needs across all corporate disciplines & promote quality service delivery through its people, affiliations & associates in US & Overseas. Our expert team helps us to find best talents globally. Managing and optimizing global talent pool is more like a quick instance for our recruiters. We use different methods to hire best talent on-board that makes our talent pool bigger and wider.

Team Ethos today carries a responsible understanding of catering promptly with quality to its clients, articulate wider solutions, and sensitive for skill at every step and strives to create strategic value for every business cause. Team Ethos is proficient in screening all necessary criteria & suitability of candidates and strives to fulfill all customers’ needs and requirements and brings value generating candidate. We focus on areas which demand attention. Training with the best technology and enhancing capabilities of candidates sharpens our visualization; helping us to deliver the best in the bucket.


We bring in gravitas in a manner to serve our clients above & beyond their expectations so as to become an edifice in the domain of Human Resource Management & Recruitment Process Outsourcing.


We aim at maximizing the competitive advantage of our clients by boosting their productivity & efficiency while delivering measurable results.


We are a team with a common objective. The objective is very simple – we exist to serve our clients so that they can deliver the exceptional value to their clients. To achieve this very simple objective we look into our values. Our values are the strands of our DNA that act as guideposts in all our actions within the organization as well as in all our dealings with our clients/customers. We are obsessed with delivering value to our clients & candidates in each interaction.

  • Customer First: All our actions and decisions will encompass our customers and remain dedicated in providing the highest quality of service.
  • Ownership: We work like we own it and foster our teams to work in that way. We will fulfill our commitments within the team and clients equally with an inherent understanding of the urgency and accountability.
  • Respect: We will work with uncompromising respect, civility and fairness irrelevant of gender, religion and origin.
  • Collaborate: We work as a team and be open to ideas from everywhere in order to apply all Intellect.
  • Intensity: We are passionate about our work and we deliver results with the same relentlessness.
  • Integrity: Walking the talk is essential at Ethos. We embrace & live with the highest standards of personal and professional ethics, honesty and trust.